Atlanta Freedom Limousine Policy

Thank you for choosing Atlanta Freedom Limousine .LLC

Please take time to read and understand our company policies:
  • Total charge of the service is to be collected at the beginning of the service
  • 30 % deposit will be charged on the day of the reservation.
  • Overtime will be billed at the prevailing rate. All overtime will be billed in hourly increments.
  • Client waives any and all claims of liability, injury, damage or theft
  • Smoking is not allowed in the limousine
  • Client agrees to maintain full legal behavior during the time of service
  • Client accepts full liability for client, client’s guests, and/or client’s affiliations
Client is responsible for any and all damages to the vehicle. Damages will be charged as follows:
  • Vomiting: $ 250.00
  • Cigarette bur: $ 450.00
  • Gum / glitter: $ 250.00
  • Broken / missing glass: $ 10.00
Atlanta Freedom Limousine cannot be held responsible in any way for traffic condition, flight delay, mechanical difficulty, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Client authorizes Atlanta Freedom Limousine to charge the credit card on file at the time of booking and agrees that if services are canceled for any reason prior to or during the service, that no refund will be issues, no exception. If the service is terminated early, no refund will be issued, as all fees are deemed earned when paid.

Terms & Conditions:

Limousine Rental is made by client with full aknowlegement to the following Terms & Conditions:
  • Atlanta Freedom Limousine requires a major credit card to process reservation
  • All online reservation must be made at least 72 hours prior to the event, or PICK UP. For shorter notices please call our office at 4049183156
  • While we are happy to let you bring your own music, or any other personal items, Atlanta Freedom Limousine does not take responsibility for items that are left in the vehicle during or after completion of the limo rental service.